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My Top Must Haves for babies and toddlers

My Top Must Haves for babies and toddlers

Happy Friday!! I want to share some of my favorite things that I am currently using for my littles.

Dock- A - Tot - This has literally changed our lives. When I received it from my bestie (HEY MEARL) I was so excited. I wanted to get one for Martin however it wouldn’t have benefited him because he hated being put down to sleep. Leia is completely different.. She is actually a very good sleeper and the Dock - A - Tot allows her to sleep comfortably and snuggled. The Dock- A- Tot promotes safe sleeping so she wont roll over. We use the Dock- A- Tot more at night which is great because me and hubby can get rest knowing that our little baby girl is safe. Here is the one I have! Click Here

Boppy Pillow - The Boppy pillow is a fantastic way to introduce tummy time to your little. Leia loves taking her nap on it and I love using it for nursing time. My son still uses his boppy to this day to sleep on in his toddler crib. Here are some facts (via target webite) about the boppy pillow.

Lifts baby to a more ergonomic position for feedings

  • Versatile design; feeding, propping, tummy time and sitting

  • Great for baby's first year

  • Pillow comes dressed in a cotton blend slipcover

  • Easy care, pillow and slipcover are machine washable

Here is the boppy I have here!

Babyganics- Literally my favorite baby soap ever! it has no chemicals, all natural, hypoallergenic and smells great! We use this for both Leia and Martin. We also use their lotion which smells refreshing. Here is the baby soap here

Muslin Cotton Washcloths - Ok so these washcloths are a total game changer for your kids skin. I only these now and they are not rough or stiff. They are soft, absorbent and natural. If your kids have sensative skin like mine do these are the perfect washcloths for them. Get them here

TOMS toddler toothbrush and toothpaste- Now that Martin is at the age of brushing his teeth, we want to make sure we give him the best for his oral health. I decided to go with TOMS because its all natural, fluoride free and contains no artifical flavors or preservatives. It is also safe for him to swallow. Get it here

3 Tier Rolling Cart- I really believe this is the best thing and every parent should have one. I use to put Martins toys and books in his play area in the livingroom. However, you can also use it as a diaper changing caddy and keep all of your diapers, wipes, blankets etc in it. I also used it to hold all his sippy cups but putting his toys in it has been the best way for us! Get the rolling cart here

Ikea ANTILOP High Chair - So with this purchase I kept going back and forth only because I thought that I needed or had to buy some pricey highchair that takes forever to clean and has so many crevasses for food to get stuck in. I decided to go with this highchair because its serioulsy so easy to clean and very cheap… you cant go wrong with buying a highchair for $22.99. Get the highchair here

Floral Activity Play Mat - This playmat is also great for tummy time, sitting and crawling. The awesome thing about it is that its padded.. cant go wrong with comfort for your baby. Get the playmat here

Floor Activity Gym- Another fantastic tool for playtime. Get the activity gym here

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