Accepting the Journey

The past 4 months have been a whirlwind. To be honest it has not been easy. Since having martin & Leia I have had to learn who I am again. The past three years i have been pregnant twice, had 2 c-sections and have nursed both my babies (im currently only nursing leia). So now that im almost 5 months postpartum, and done having babies, i literally have to reset my mind and body. Now that i have a new purpose, I have come to terms with understanding that im not the same person I was before having kids. I have evolved, I have changed, i have become better. My thoughts are different, my responsibilities are different and my life has a whole new meaning. i know that everything i do now will impact who my children become. am i setting a good example? am i being a good teacher? am i being the best version of myself for them?

the crazy thing is life moves so fast and we try to catch up not realizing that if we slow down and take in everything one step at a time we will see more of who we are and only than can we change things and become better. Because I want to be the best version of myself for my kids and my husband, I must take the time to love myself, know who i am and take care of myself. Making the effort to take the time to do these things can seem hard and overwhelming but i know that I am strong and determined.

Everything we do in life is a journey we just have to accept it and keep going. The beauty of a journey is that even though there are bumps along the way and you cant see the road ahead, there is always a refuge, and a strength that only God can give. God has definitely been my help in the time of trouble. When i feel like i cant, God tells me that i can, when i feel alone, God lets me know that he is right there and that he see’s me. God has given me the confidence in accepting who i am and accepting the path he has placed in front me. Im excited to be moving forward and seeing amazing things ahead.

whether your a mom or just on a life journey, i would love to know your experience! Everyone’s journey is not the same… thats the beauty.

Im not gonna lie

I’m not gonna lie being a mom is not easy. You don’t get to sleep in, you don’t get to just get up and go because everything has to be planned out and sometimes bed time doesn’t always happen the way you want it to.

I’m not gonna lie, being a mom is exhausting. Welcome to team no sleep. Not only are you a mom but if your nursing your the milk supply, the snack giver, the playmate and the disciplinarian all at the same time. I am currently juggling the whole 2 under 2 lifestyle and it definitely is a whole different ballgame.

I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t know how strong I was until I became a mom. I didn’t realize that the strength that I had stored up will be used for this stage in my life. There was a time in my life when I was single that I didn’t want to have kids. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to handle it or much less be a good mom. But God! He gave me all this determination and resilience that I sure didn’t think I had. When you become a mom something clicks and all of a sudden this mommy life is perfect for you.

I’m not gonna lie, being a mommy is absolutely incredible. The fact that we carry this beautiful human in our bodies and deliver 9 months later is a miracle. I had 2 c- sections and each experience was different but it was all worth it because I get to raise these incredible small humans who will one day get to do amazing things in the world.

I’m not gonna lie, Being a mommy is beautiful. Embrace where you are in this journey of motherhood and continue to raise your children to be amazing human beings.


Happy Momming

To My Little Girl


Dear Leia Rose,

I cant wait to meet you on Valentines Day. I cant wait to hug and give you all the kisses that you deserve. I cant wait to be your mommy. Just to let you know in advance your going to be my shopping( mainly target LOL) buddy, my starbucks date and my late night movie binge partner.

My beautiful little Leia, I promise to teach you everything I know. I promise to teach how to be a women of God and how to have an effective relationship with Jesus. Im going to share things with you that my mommy shared with me. Im going to be an open book so you can ask me anything you want. You will also be apart of the best church in the world.

I cant wait for you to experience how much your daddy loves you. He is going to treat you like a little princess and how do I know that?, because he treats me like a princess too. You have the best Nana and Papa in the world who will do anything for you. You have the most incredible Tias, and Tios who are going to love you so much and more. Your BIG Brother Martin will take care of you. He is so sweet and so kind and hes going to be the best and only BIG brother you will ever have.

My little Princess Leia, I love you so much and I cant wait to hold you in my arms. Ill see you on FEBRUARY 14 baby girl!

Love you mommy

10 Months: A Little Update

Baby Martin

WOOOOWW!!! How time as flown. I cant believe me and hubby have been parents for 10 whole months to the most beautiful baby boy. Is it crazy that it feels like its been longer?

I feel like at any moment im going to turn around and baby boy will be 18. OH MY! Life has been so busy the past 10 months but a good busy. Little Martin started crawling at 6 months, I completed my nursing journey with him and he is now on organic formula. We started him on baby food at 7 months and he stands on his own but hasn't started walking yet (hes almost there!). 

Little Martin is way over 22 pounds Im sure, he grows out of his clothes daily (LOL, he talks and makes funny noises which is the cutest thing ever... but being able to watch him grow has been the best experience. Im so blessed that im able to be at home with him and watch all of these different processes happen. 

Being a parent and raising a little one isnt easy at times but we have the best family that supports us, babysits, comes over to play (i no longer matter LOL). Seriously i couldnt ask for a better family. My hubby is literally the best and such an incredible DADDY to little Martin. I love seeing Martins eyes light up when Daddy comes home because he knows its time for some serious play time. We were also able to enroll Martin in swimming classes!! He is doing so well and enjoys every minute. Its also fun Daddy and baby time! 

Hope you enjoyed this little update more to come!