To My Little Girl


Dear Leia Rose,

I cant wait to meet you on Valentines Day. I cant wait to hug and give you all the kisses that you deserve. I cant wait to be your mommy. Just to let you know in advance your going to be my shopping( mainly target LOL) buddy, my starbucks date and my late night movie binge partner.

My beautiful little Leia, I promise to teach you everything I know. I promise to teach how to be a women of God and how to have an effective relationship with Jesus. Im going to share things with you that my mommy shared with me. Im going to be an open book so you can ask me anything you want. You will also be apart of the best church in the world.

I cant wait for you to experience how much your daddy loves you. He is going to treat you like a little princess and how do I know that?, because he treats me like a princess too. You have the best Nana and Papa in the world who will do anything for you. You have the most incredible Tias, and Tios who are going to love you so much and more. Your BIG Brother Martin will take care of you. He is so sweet and so kind and hes going to be the best and only BIG brother you will ever have.

My little Princess Leia, I love you so much and I cant wait to hold you in my arms. Ill see you on FEBRUARY 14 baby girl!

Love you mommy