Guys!!! My babies are growing. I mean I cant even deal with the fact that im going to have a 2 year old next month and my baby girl is already 5 months. How crazy is it that time seems to go faster when you have kids… am I right? Leia definitely has her own little personality, she loves looking at trees, she is sitting up almost by herself and I think I caught her singing a tune or two. Martin is very very active. He doesn’t like to just sit around he likes to play and run. He is also obsessed with books. His current favorite is “Oh Baby the Places you will go!” he actually calls it “OH BABY, GO” LOL ahhh I love him! Martin also loves “little bus tayo” on NETFLIX and he calls it “BUS”.

My most fulfilling moments are when Martin is singing his version of the ABC’s or he is counting his numbers or when I catch him dancing to his favorite song. I love Leia’s laugh and she smiles with her eyes you guys she is a dream!!

10 Months: A Little Update

Baby Martin

WOOOOWW!!! How time as flown. I cant believe me and hubby have been parents for 10 whole months to the most beautiful baby boy. Is it crazy that it feels like its been longer?

I feel like at any moment im going to turn around and baby boy will be 18. OH MY! Life has been so busy the past 10 months but a good busy. Little Martin started crawling at 6 months, I completed my nursing journey with him and he is now on organic formula. We started him on baby food at 7 months and he stands on his own but hasn't started walking yet (hes almost there!). 

Little Martin is way over 22 pounds Im sure, he grows out of his clothes daily (LOL, he talks and makes funny noises which is the cutest thing ever... but being able to watch him grow has been the best experience. Im so blessed that im able to be at home with him and watch all of these different processes happen. 

Being a parent and raising a little one isnt easy at times but we have the best family that supports us, babysits, comes over to play (i no longer matter LOL). Seriously i couldnt ask for a better family. My hubby is literally the best and such an incredible DADDY to little Martin. I love seeing Martins eyes light up when Daddy comes home because he knows its time for some serious play time. We were also able to enroll Martin in swimming classes!! He is doing so well and enjoys every minute. Its also fun Daddy and baby time! 

Hope you enjoyed this little update more to come!