Whats in my diaper bag

Hey Mommaz

Today I will be sharing with you everything I put in my diaper bag. This second time around I decided to go with a more gender neutral bag and I needed a bag with a lot more space and pockets.

This diaper bag has these amazing insulated side pockets that you can hold cold sippy cups, snacks or drinks. It also comes with a changing pad which is in the back pocket and a laptop insert inside. Here is what I put in this amazing diaper bag.

Links will be provided for the exact item or similar.

These items can also be packed as your hospital bag if your expecting.


I always carry my nursing cover with me, an extra blanket, extra clothes for both littles, a bib, wipes for both bottom and nose a pair of socks and shoes.

My nursing cover is a 4 in 1. It works as a carseat cover, shaw, nursing cover and shopping cart cover. Similar one here

The burb cloth that I have is also muslin. Again very soft on the skin and it absorbs very well. Exact set here

Muslin blankets/ swaddles are recommended for babies because of how soft they are and they are not rough on babies skin. Similar one here

We decided to go with pampers pure diapers and wipes because our littles have sensitive skin. Pampers pure are fragrance free, hypoallergenic and bleach free. The wipes are 99% water which makes them very soft when applying. Pampers pure here

Boogie wipes are literally the best when your little have a runny nose. They have saline on each wipe which makes it a somewhat easy task to wipe. Boogie wipes here

Baby girl moccasins here


In the pockets of the diaper bag here is what I put…

Honest diaper rash creme, A&D ointment (i love this stuff I use it for every scrape, rash and anything else)

Nasal aspirator, scented baggies, thermometer, nail clipper and baby powder.


For baby boy

The 360 Sippy cup is absolutley the best sippy cup ever. Its leak proof and promotes drinking control. Sippy cup here

The Snack Catcher is also amazing. It keeps the snacks inside the cup so they are not everywhere in your car or all over the carpet. Snack catcher here


For Mommy

So I may be a little obsessed with my keeping my lips moisturized but yes I keep chapsticks on me and my favorite lip balm. Lip balm here

Lotion, Rosewater spray by Kindsoap, hand sanitizer, and my favorite wallet (similar one here)