Weekend Recap : Tuesday Vibes

Happy Tuesday Mommaz!! I wanted to share some pics of my awesome weekend. My weekend was filled with fun at the park, our churchs womens prayer breakfast (which changed my life), and a fun little brunch date with my little sissy (@brightlydawn).

As a mom life gets busy, so when the opportunity arises to get out and just have fun I am definitely all in. How was your weekend? Comment!

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday Mommaz!!

For the past few years my hubby and my dad have been going on their annual fishing trip. Well this year it got cut short due to the rainy weather. Although it was a huge bummer for them, I was super excited about having Josh home for a couple extra days. Needles to say our weekend was able to start a couple days early.. so here are some pics recapping my long week/ weekend.